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John Hill - KF5VO

My experience is with VHF / UHF. I've documented that in the link ( There might be some info there that you can use as a guide to getting everything working. I do have a IC7300, but I haven't used it with Winlink yet.

As far as frequencies, right now we're just connecting to any gateway node. From what I've been told about HF, Winlink will try to pick the best gateway based upon propagation reports.

~John Hill

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Subject: Re: [ARRLNTX] Winlink Wednesday
From: "Edward McGinley" <texasfiremedic1432@...>
Date: Wed, November 13, 2019 2:59 pm

John do you have a tutorial on how to set up winking? I downloaded winlink express and use a IC7300. What frequencies. What is the band plan for winlink?

On Tue, Nov 12, 2019, 21:45 John Hill - KF5VO <john@...> wrote:
It's that time once again for Winlink Wednesday!

In the Comment box of the Winlink Check-in form for this week, let me know:

Who is the Emergency Coordinator (EC) for your area and how do you contact the EC?

Remember, check-ins start officially at 12:00 am on Wednesday. Otherwise,  I may have to come up with a different name for the net.

Other instructions:

Use the "Winlink Check In" template when checking in.  As a reminder, to use the template, when the New Message screen is opened, click on the menu items Select Template --> Standard Templates --> GENERAL Forms --> Winlink Check In.txt. If you do not find the template, you may have an older version of the templates. You can find the download from the web site. The instructions are in the ReadMe.txt file from the download site.

Make sure in the Send To box to put my call sign, KF5VO.

In the location box, put the name of your city/town, and which gateway you're connecting through (if known).

In the body of the message, place the following information separated by a tab. This is how the information is sent if you are using the Winlink form. It makes it much easier for me to tally the results.

date time <tab> call sign <tab> call sign <tab> location <tab> ham band <tab> session type

Don't forget to spread the word about Winlink Wednesday. And, if you haven't already, check out the Winlink Wednesday web page.

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