Re: Have you all noticed the great work our Section Traffic Manager has been doing #facebook

Ken Mitchell


Nice web page. Good information in one spot and well organized.


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As the ARRL North Texas Section Manager

Let me state that I love this Job working as a Volunteer for fellow North Texas Amateur Radio operators more than most people could imagine.

I love meeting fellow amateurs and I always have

What makes my efforts in our Section really shine is the great staff of fellow volunteers that are diligently working along with me.

Our Assistant Section Managers (ASM's) from the SEC on down to the Section Youth Coordinator, our Team is doing fantastic,

Aaron K8AMH is but one of those ASM's

He is doing a wonderful job, just like everyone else in the Section Management Team

Aaron has also built his own website to assist all of us with tracking of NTS Traffic

Check it out at and please drop him a note of thanks for creating this valuable toolset for all of us.

This evening I will be at the DARC Club meeting




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