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Steve Darrah


Do you have a plan for ARES District 5 groups to report since District 5 does not have  a DEC?  I expect the districts will report to the section and the section will report to the Division.

Steve, kd5ypb

EC - Carrollton ARES

On 10/10/2019 7:48 PM, Greg Evans K5GTX ARRLNTX SEC wrote:



The Fall 2019 West Gulf Division SET is on November 9, 2019, from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM. 


Scenario:  An unusually cold and powerful Arctic Air Mass has descended deep into South Texas.  This storm has produced blizzard conditions in Oklahoma, North, and West Texas, ice accumulation in Central Texas, and heavy rains into the Rio Grande Valley.  The combined effects of the storm system have resulted in widespread power outages throughout the Region.  Local Shelters are open throughout the region.


Objectives:  The primary objective of the SET will be to assess the ability of the Amateur Radio Service (ARS) throughout the Division to respond to a major event and exchange supporting information throughout the Division.  Information about the status of the local infrastructure and local weather will be gathered and consolidated from counties and forwarded to the Districts, Sections and Division levels.  Region 6 Army MARS will assist in gathering information as well. 


Secondary Objectives are at the discretion of ECs and DECs.  The secondary objectives can include assessing the ability to stage deployable ARO resources and assessing the ability to gather, consolidate, and report Critical Infrastructure Assessment. 


Additional information will be promulgated soon.




Greg Evans, K5GTX





Steve Darrah

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