Re: Eastland County situation.



I have a few ideas.........

Let's start by the thinking of a positive approach
Like Hey can I help, or what can we do for you.

Also is there no local club, with members that have their own input ?
Of course if you start the conversation like you did with the other thread "and now this"

I can see where you might get some flack.

Maybe in the other thread you were attempting levity, it rarely works in the written word
especially in this forum.

As for the 80 meter net it does still exist
I have checked into it several times since becoming the Section Manager
3860 MHz at 2030 Local time on the Second Wednesday of Each month

I know propagation there has been an issue

soon the Day Night conditions will change a bit
and it might get better for short haul Com on 75 meters

There is also WinLink Wednesday that is alive and well

You say you started the Eastland County ARC
I can not find any info on it with a search, maybe no one knows about it ?
What clubs are near you ?

Have you participated in any special events
if you want support, often you have to start by supporting others

just some random ideas
that I hope will help


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