Re: And now this.

Robert KD5FEE

This e-mail list would be fun and educational if it wasn't so embarrassing to ham radio:

ember = burned
ass = donkey
ing = denoting a verbal action, denoting material used for or associated with a process

The construct is obvious but translates to "cut your hair, get a job" or more bluntly, find something significant to do that helps someone, join a non-profit action group or Senior's Center. Really🧐

On Thu, Sep 19, 2019 at 10:43 AM Steven Lott Smith KG5VK <lottsphoto@...> wrote:


Free speech is one thing.

And I respect it,  but just throwing something like this out there without having added
"You need to be aware of the level of stupidity and how it may
impact our ability to help when needed" at the start of the post is another.

I don't think we need any extra Drama

I don't want to delete anyone's post esp after all the prior Drama
we went thru.  I have received many requests by email and text
requests here to do just that (delete the thread)

Please consider this a reminder to stay on topic
with relevant, factual information

If we want Drama we can find it on the at the check out counter in the Nation Enquirer

Thank You !


Semper Vigilo
Vivis ut nosco

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