Re: Winlink Wednesday

John Hill - KF5VO

Thank you all for checking in to the Winlink Wednesday net this week. We had a good turn-out despite the fact that I did not send any e-mails or reminders about this net. I apologize for that. I'm going to blame the holiday. When I have a Monday off from work, the rest of my days of the week get messed up.

For our Collin County folks, I've seen that the K5PRK-10 node was down. Here's a few thoughts on this. First, the good thing about Winlink Wednesday is that it puts these nodes in use, so there is a much quicker way of knowing when a node is down. How often were these nodes used before the net? Only the admin can tell for sure, but I'm certain it wasn't as much traffic since the net started. Second, this puts into practice what we have been doing the past two weeks. Were you able to connect to other nearby nodes, either directly or through digipeaters? There are nodes in Garland, Carrollton, Sherman, Denton.  You should have a list of web sites about nearby nodes that was sent last week. With checking into the net every week, try using different nearby nodes  to see if you can connect. Third, are you set up for other session types? If you normally connect with VHF, can you connect via HF? Telnet is always an option. Part of the spirit of the Winlink Wednesday net is to try all the options available.

For next week, I would like to ask if you plan on operating the Texas QSO party on September 14 & 15. If so, do you operate as an individual or with a club? Do you plan to operate mobile, portable, or home locations? If you're the least bit interested, there are several clubs in the area that operate as a club and would welcome any guests, no matter your license level. Give it some thought, even if it's just to see what's going on.

Shameless plug time...

I will be at the following club meetings to give a presentation over Winlink and Winlink Wednesday net:

8/10 - Lake Area Amateur Radio Klub (in The Colony)
9/10 - Metrocrest (Carrollton).

If you would like for me to do a similar presentation for your club, just ask.

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