Re: Winlink Wednesday

John Hill - KF5VO

First, thank you to everyone who checked in the week to Winlink Wednesday. I had a great time in Europe and I'm thankful to have made it home. For those of you that were able to use a digipeater to connect to a gateway, I'm glad you had the opportunity to do that.

If you ever do have any issues with connecting either to a gateway or to a digipeater, please notify the station that you are having issues. The station may not know of any issues going on, and by letting them know, they can address any potential issues. You should be able to find the e-mail address if you look up the call sign on

For this next week, here is your homework assignment. For the county you live in, find all the relevant websites that lists either gateways and/or digipeaters. Put the URLs in the comments section. There may be more than one site that has this information, so list all that apply for your area. Please check in using the same template as before.

I look forward to the check-ins tomorrow. As always, help spread the word about Winlink Wednesday to your clubs and groups. It's great practice!

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