Your Help is Needed for an ISS / School Contact

Tim Johnson K5TCJ

Steve Orr W5SO (and the Rockwall ARC) is organizing an educational International Space Station (ISS) contact for Celia Hays Elementary school in Rockwall.

More information on this outstanding educational program can be found at

They’ve made it through the first round of approvals for the Spring 2020 season (1/1/2020 – 6/30/2020), and must now submit their equipment list by 9/30/2019.


Here’s where You / We (the North Texas Ham community) can help.

They still need to secure the loan of the following equipment:

2 meter FM 100 Watt power amp

2 meter receive pre-amp

Az/El rotator set


If you’ve got these items and can loan them for this event, you will be contributing to a valuable learning experience and the introduction of Ham Radio to the next generation of operators.


If you can help, please contact Steve Orr W5SO at skworr@...


Please pass this on to other reflectors, to give this request a wider distribution.


Thanks and 73,


Tim Johnson - K5TCJ

Plano Amateur Radio Klub - VP.

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