Re: Accountable to OUR TEXAS Section!

Owen Anderson

Are you a Doctor? 

Are you the one to address opinions that just might disagree
with your one sided thoughts.

Let’s address the issues that are a cause of matter.

Check my correspondence and check to see if I
ever asked for more that the issue was publicly 
disclosed by BOTH parties.

Are you a legal expert in your statements of “slander
and accusations” - I would like point out that you fall
flat on your face by using hearsay not facts that you 
can in a legal decision.

If you ever open your mouth about review and censure
you have data to back it up.


On Aug 12, 2019, at 10:50 AM, Patrick Brown <AK5TX@...> wrote:

Owen may be older and cranky but this is not an excuse for such unaccountable behavior and bullies always feel they can get away with what they want or do. Maybe in school but not in the real world.

If he needs medical assistance I will proffer solutions as a Disability Advocate.

If not then it is a learned behavior which may have worked in his other life experiences but when you accuse and slander with such grave accusations without any merit:
and request among the issues at hand a review and censure of Owen if he continues this behavior.


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