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Sorry but when the Section manager of this section decides who I have a right to know who is running for a Position in the ARRL because he doesn't feel the person is right for the position. I think all of us in this section should be upset. It is my decision to decide on who I will vote for. If your not upset because this section manager want to my your mind up for you then I really don't understand why we vote then. Just let someone like Steve just appoint the person he wants and do away with the voting all together.

I guess no one cares who is position in the ARRL to represent you and all of us who are paying members of the ARRL. Just let the ARRL become a dictatorship and not take in our thoughts on what they do to represent us.  If you don't care and don't want take time to get involved in who and how the ARRL is ran than why pay to be a member.

I know Steve would love to wash this mess under the carpet but I have a right to voice my thoughts as a paying member of the ARRL. Steve is responsible to represent all of us in the NTX ARRL Section. 

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I am a relatively new Ham.  I absolutely have fallen in love with this hobby and I spend all evening every night on the radio now instead of turning on the boob tube (as my Grandfather called it).  I have about a jillion channels and nothing that keeps my attention yet I found that talking on the radio keeps my attention completely.  I LOVE it. 


At our last field day event, my office manager’s young son attended.  He absolutely LOVED it!  He’s around 11 or so years old.  WE put him on the air and he was blown away and is now studying to get his tech license.  He attended our last club meeting.   He actually has me in his phone as “Ham Coach”.   I’m pretty blown away by that.  


I sent his mother links for the club reflector, the club web page, as well as the North Texas reflector so we/she could keep him involved in everything Ham related and to keep him in the loop and interested.  


Just keep that in mind as yall keep going on and on with this battle.  I’m sure she has unsubscribed from this reflector by now.  I would have if it was my kid.   Keep in mind folks, this is a public forum that people looking into becoming a Ham sees all of this drama.  


I have no dog in the fight in either direction and I don’t really even know what all happened and don’t care to but this is not a private place for you all to air out your problems with each other, it is a place that everyone sees just as it is over the air.  It’s easy to fall into to the idea that only the folks we “hear” on the air are the only ones that hear us but let me tell you, even I listened for months on 2 meter and 70 cm before I became a tech and I listened almost as long on HF before I became General.  


My point is things like this definitely turns folks off of Ham radio.   Fortunately, I never ran into it before I was licensed and have since started running an 80 meter net once a week as well as being part of another but I would have thought twice if I would have been part of this group beforehand.  


It sounds to me like the two parties involved have somewhat settled their issues yet the crown continues to want to see more of a battle.   Not one part of any of this is furthering the wonderful hobby of Amateur Radio.


This is just my opinion and I have no dog in the fight, but my concern is furthering the hobby for folks that don’t know anything about it.   I spend many hours every night on the radio and have never (even though never is less than a year) heard such a horrible volley of comments/fights.  


Just food for thought.  K5SKF - Stephen

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