Re: Winlink Wednesday

John Hill - KF5VO

For our first-time check-ins, thank you. For those who have checked in more than once, thank you for returning.

For the next Winlink Wednesday Net (8/14/2009), I will be out of the country, but don't let that stop you from checking in. The cool thing about this net is that the NCS doesn't have to be at the radio to accept check-ins. I won't be back until late Sunday night, so I will not be able to send the results until Monday.

For the next net, go ahead and use the same Winlink form (Standard Templates à GENERAL Forms à Winlink Check In.txt). As an experiment, if you are using VHF/UHF, see if there is a near-by digipeater to use. The best source I have found for locating them is by looking at HAM club websites, usually on the Repeater page, if they have it. If a digipeater is available to use, it would be good practice to learn how it works. You might be able to hit a gateway a little further than where you normally could, since that is the purpose of a digipeater. That is what this net is about, after all, testing and trying new things.

I look forward to hearing from everyone. And as always, let your friends / clubs / groups know about Winlink Wednesday!

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