Re: Jerry Please send Greg Evans all the Passwords & Login ID's

Don <kb7zjp@...>

Sounds like if this is how Steve is going to run the ARRL NTX section it may be time for me to think about why am an ARRL member. I believe Steve has no right of censorship of this group when it comes to someone running for a position in the ARRL.


Don Kast

On Mon, Aug 5, 2019, 11:11 PM Jerry A. Goodson W5BFF ARRLNTX ASM/ASEC <hydrashok407@...> wrote:

Per Steve's request, I'm sending you as much requested information as possible.  Some of the requests aren't a matter of passwords or access codes, but rather are tied to individual accounts.  All of that is explained below as applicable. website:
The website is primarily managed on the backend at 
The username is:  SM
The password is:  CqCqCqw1aw!

ARRLNTX facebook Page:
Please go to and register a business account. After you've done that, send me your business ID, and I'll add you as a business partner.  Once that's completed, you can remove me as a business partner.

ARRLNTX facebook group page:
Steve requested I transfer all control to you, so I've sent you an invitation to become an admin for the ARRLNTX facebook group page.  The ARRLNTX facebook page is the default admin since it's a group for the page.  You can have individual admin access to the group or your can administer the group through the ARRLNTX facebook page.

I have set you as the owner of all the email reflectors.

Domain Name Registration and Host provider
The domain name registration and hosting is all handled through one single account at
The username is:  arrlntx
The password is:  CQCQCQarrl!

I updated the account with all of your information.  The only thing I couldn't change was the account email address.  They sent you an email, and you'll have to accept it first.

I provided Steve the login and password when he first took office, but he never changed it.  Everything still had Jay's information (he even had to forward me the password reset email because I couldn't remember it...)  The hosting expires next month, but the domain is still good until July 2020.

The "backend" hosting to access the raw files for the website is accessed through 
The username is:  arrlmnsp
The passrod is:  CQCQCQarrl!

The ARRLNTX section has a twitter account.  I never really logged into it, since I had it set to just automatically tweet whatever was posted on the ARRLNTX facebook page as a tweet.  But, since you have the account, here's the login information:
Username:  ARRLNTX
Password:  !NTXs3cArrL*

That should be everthing.  Barring the pending accepting invitation for admin for the facebook group, the invitation from the host for the hosting account, and setting up the facebook business account so I can transfer the facebook page to you, I believe I've satisfied all of Steve's requests.

You've got ALL my contact information, so feel free to get a hold of me if I forgot anything.
-=Jerry A. Goodson=- W5BFF
430-342-3376 - Cell

On Mon, Aug 5, 2019 at 5:56 PM Steve Lott <lottsphoto@...> wrote:
Please provide all access codes, passwords, etc.
To anything that was built and/or is being used for the purpose of 
the ARRL North Texas Section

To include but not limited to: FB page
ARRL North Texas FB Group Page
ARRL NTX Groups.IO account
Web hoist provider for
And Domain Name Registration information, to include LOGIN and Passwords
for Domain name management.

Thank You.

Tele 318-470-9806
2019 ARRL NTX Section Manager 
Please note: My Out Going Email address is LottsPhoto@...
KG5VK@... is forwarded to my Gmail address

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