Re: Winlink Wednesday

John Hill - KF5VO

In case you didn't get check-in to the last Winlink Wednesday day and wanted to know the results, here's the e-mail I sent out on Thursday.

This week, we have exactly twice as many check-ins as last week! Thank you all for those who have checked in a second time, and thank you all for the new check-ins.

I have compiled the check-ins into a spreadsheet and have attached it. I've included the comments about station setup. The thought is to let you know how others are using Winlink, as well as maybe give ideas for those that do not have a complete station setup yet. It looks like we have stations from all over the north Texas region signing in. Help spread the word about the Winlink Wednesday net. Feel free to make an announcement on local information nets, social media, club meetings, or however you want to spread the word. If you would like to have me write a small blurb about it, just reach out to me and I would be more than happy to help.

Just a note on the forms. If you are having trouble using the forms, make sure you have the latest forms and the latest version of Winlink Express downloaded. You can find both at the link below. Make sure to read the "Read Me" file.

Thanks again, everyone! I look forward to next week's Winlink Wednesday.

John Hill

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