Section Officials to Visit 2019 ARRL Field Day Sites


Field Day 2019 is on June 22nd & 23rd. Section officials are starting their plan their visits to various Field Day sites around the section.

If your Field Day Site isn't listed in the ARRL Field Day Locator, you may want to add it!

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Section officials will visit as many sites as time, traffic, and weather allow.  They are making their plans based on what is listed in the ARRL Field Day Locator.

Section Manager and Section Youth Coordinator Site Visits

North Texas Section Manager Steven Lott Smith KG5VK will team up with our newly appointed Section Youth Coordinator Katherine Forson KT5KMF and her father, Rob Forson K5WFR, for site visits for about a half dozen Field Day sites around the Plano area.  They are planning to make quality visits at those sites instead of just making an appearance then leaving.  They hope to visit each site for thirty to forty five minutes to maximize face-to-face time with Field Day participants.

"Katherine and I are going to be able to visit with members and even talk on the radios from each club site," said Steve KG5VK.  

The team will start their trek in Plano at 3pm on Saturday so Katherine and her father can return to their home by 11pm.

"I will probably crash at a FD site some where near Plano around midnight," said Steve KG5VK.  "After a few hours of shut eye and some good java, I will depart for for Paris, Texas to close out Field Day at the Red River Valley Amateur Radio Club site."

Points are no longer made available from sites being visited by ARRL officials, however if you send formal traffic over the air to your Section Manager and he receives it, you can earn 100 bonus points. Steve KG5VK has both UHF/VHF as well as HF in his truck and plans on monitoring 7290 as well as 146.52 simplex for formal message traffic.  You can also send Steve a Winlink message to KG5VK for the points, provided you do it over the air.  He will confirm message reception when he returns to his QTH at the conclusion of Field Day.

Have Fun, Be Safe !!!

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