Sever Weather Alert Day 20 May 2019 as noted by our SEC with the call to Readiness...


From: sec@...
Date: Monday, 20 May 2019, 08:05AM -04:00
Subject: NOTICE: Severe Weather over Entire NTX Section

All DECs and ECs, If you have not already, please put your teams on standby please do so. 

Above all, maintain situational awareness and be safe!  If you have support needs/requests as a result of the weather, please let myself and/or Steve Lott know as soon as you can.  Copy us on Activation Notices.  We are here to support each other.

 Also, please forward your current contact information to sec@...

 I will be flying back into the Dallas Area this afternoon – I will have WIFI on the plane, so I will be able to receive texts.

 Please remind your teams to be safe, situationally aware and Turn Around, Don’t Drown!


Greg Evans, K5GTX



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