Re: Mentor Fest is This Saturday, you are coming right !!!

Perry Nettles

Made it last year, but unable this year due to work schedule.
Perry Nettles

On 4/22/2019 10:47 AM, Chris wrote:
I will be there, came last year and really enjoyed it.
Chris Claytor

On Mon, Apr 22, 2019 at 8:52 AM Steven Lott Smith KG5VK <lottsphoto@...> wrote:

Mentor Fest is this Saturday, yes it is FREE !!!

So come be a part of it, be a Mentor or a men-tee :)

We have a full day of Seminars scheduled,
maybe you don't see what you need, come ask around you will find the answers - I will be at the ARRL Tables
if you need help and cant find the answer come see me.
I will point you the right direction - we will also have others directing folks to the right person or room.

If your knowledge level runs deeper than most on a certain topic, like antennas for example, your the guy or gal in the local club that others seek out and ask antenna or other Topic questions.

Then hang a sign on your self - or Come see me I will find you a spot where you can set up and answer Antenna or other questions.
Mentor Fest is for sharing and learning together.

Still sitting on the fence, with doubts about joining in....

Pick up the phone and call me !!!
Telephone 318-470-9806

Mentor Fest is going to be a great Success with you there !!!

Steven Lott Smith

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