Re: ARRLNTX #facebook


I have had several clubs contact me this week end and this morning

Asking what they should bring for their Table at Mentor Fest

The Club Table you have at Mentor Fest is for your team to show case your club,
bring whatever you want to use to do that, whether it be brochures about your club
membership application forms a Lap Top with images show casing your club member activities etc etc.

Make your clubs table attractive and appealing
There are going to be many club tables there, so try and make your table stand out
Consider who is manning the Table, Young, Old and Wise but all smiling faces that attract and entertain
and above all EDUCATE,  after all the theme is Mentoring !

Another way to think of it, is what would you do if your club was asked to show case itself
in the city square, at the Town festival or at the Fair 

Above all Have fun !


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