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Ken Hansen, N2VIP

From what I see it's a 2 day (16 hour) class, it likely is quite an effort to present it.

They made a big deal out of offering it at Hamcation in FL, the pre-reqs were quite significant and attendees had to apply and be accepted to attend.

Prerequisites for Attendance

Personal experience: A valid/signed FCC amateur radio license; Past experience in auxiliary emergency communications; An affiliation with a public safety agency (served agency); A desire to work with COMLs in a NIMS ICS environment. Must have completed the following online courses from the FEMA EMI website: IS-100, Introduction to the ICS; IS-200, ICS for Single Resources and Initial Incidents; IS-700, National Incident Management System (NIMS), an Introduction; IS-800, National Response Framework (NRF). 

I think it takes more than interest to make this class happen.

Ken, N2VIP 

On Jul 31, 2022, at 21:12, Bill KD5UEW <bfeltenb@...> wrote:

Thank you all for the responses.

It would seem there is nothing available in NTX.

Is there just not any interest here?

Bill Feltenberger

KD5UEW 11-309 CLO

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