Re: Hamshack Hotline

Mike Barnett KF5DEY


So why does it work better than using the tools we now use.....
Email Reflector for Group discussion, and Zoom for video conferencing
As far as I know, it does not, hence the reason few are using it...however some organizations (EOCs) use them for quick conference calls...much quicker than setting up a zoom meeting.  Basically you can have a 'room' set up with preset users...hit a button and call the group.   Or have a 'meeting' that is always live where people can enter and leave as they want...some 'meetings' require the owner to allow in callers.

IOW what are the pros and Cons?
No con, but like any need someone on the other end.  Pro? another tool...It is exactly like an office phone,  where you can dial other extensions for quick calls.

I believe from looking at this tool set in the past the big minus was i had to get new hardware
and then have a Telephone in my ham shack
You need a compatible VOIP phone (which was already mentioned here)  There is also a software option (cellphone app?)
I have a phone in my is connected via wifi...

And then not everyone was using it, so I proceeded no further
Am I missing why this MUST have, tool set?
It is not a must have...I do not promote it...but it isn't a negative.  No more negative to the hobby than using hotspots with your digital radio.  Or making an Allstar node and using that to connect to an Allstar linked the NCTC.

By the way I looked you up on QRZ
are you as close to those cross country power lines as it appears in the Satellite view of the Map near you?
No idea where it shows me on the map...but I am half a mile from those lines that leave the power plant.


As far as the post above talking about vulgar or non ham activity...I honestly have no idea what they are talking about, and am curious.

Other question someone asked is it uses standard VOIP I suggest directing your question to the folks running it...but it is a VOIP on a PBX (a master switching routing system for calls within a building for example), you have to be entered into the system, and then your phone gets a number and gets registered.  

Here is an easy way to envision it for anyone who has ever worked someplace where there are phones that are extensions of the main number.   Your HH phone is an extension...the difference is there is no outside line...all phones operate within the 'workplace'   Now it happens that the workplace is world wide.   There is no 911, no inbound calls...just intercom calls between extensions...and conference calls between extensions, and RF devices hooked up as extensions that can be dialed.

(I am simplifying the technology...but just trying to describe how it works)

For example of the RF device linking... look at K8JTK 
You can call in to that linked system through Allstar, Echolink, DMR, local repeater, etc... and you can dial it through HH.

Nobody is forcing anyone to use it, it is just another communication tool, and another way for folks to expand their knowledge. 

One time I was trying to configure some ham software, so I dialed up a ham in Hawaii for technical support....


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