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James Mack

I joined my Allstar node and our club Asterisk based PBX to the Meshphone network headed up by N2MH with plans to expand the reach of it as well across the AREDN network.

For me it started with just an Allstar node as a project to tinker with and so I could link to other nodes around the globe,  Then I enabled SIP capabilities on it and eventually with the help of Mark N2MH expanded it to enable calling into other ASterisk based nodes (Allstar nodes, FreePBX, ASterisk PBX, etc) connected via the AREDN network.

Today I even have an extension dedicated to the local NOAA Radio Weather broadcast one can dial into to listen to the local weather.  It is part of another project by Martin VE6HV called PiWxRx.  May not seem like much to some, but it was just another project I am working with to expand the uses of our AREDN network.

As previously noted VoIP may not be for everyone.  I see it as an extension (no pun intended) to the hobby that has niche potential as well as a means to tinker and expand some exposure to our AREDN network outside of just having a node in the air.

73 de James KG5GSI

On Fri, May 13, 2022 at 9:20 AM dale finley <kb5nft@...> wrote:

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Please go  to review and sign up for a hamshack hotline VOIP FREE extension.
Call me if you need help.
de kb5nft
de k5psr our club call
Conf node 344, user pin 244444 for our Philmont Scouting conference, 344.
Call me anytime on Extension 6100000760 or 6100000866 on Hamshackhotline.
BTW, We need to setup an ARRLNTX hamshackhotlike conf. I can help.
Dale Finley

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