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Ken Hansen, N2VIP

I am on Hamshack Hotline (after being coerced by a friend to join ;^), and I too struggle with finding a real purpose for the tool in the average Ham's arsenal of tools.

In many ways it feels like Allstar or Echolink, and if local repeaters and Allstar nodes are connected to the HH network, it is just as useful as either Allstar or Echolink.

Where it can be useful is when the HH nodes are connected over something like an AREDN mesh network, so that the HH phones become like field telephones (you can 'ring up' a water station on a charity run, for example), but even then, you are relying on an AREDN mesh network with the needed equipment likely deployed next to a club repeater, so why not just use the club repeater?

I feel I understand HH, I have prepared two handsets, have built a portable AREDN node and thru my club sponsor one AREDN mesh node (with a second on the way), so I'm a supporter of the tool, but I am also aware of its limitations.

As a tool that relies on the public internet infrastructure it offers little benefit for EmComm or other radio-related activity, but if used in conjunction with an AREDN mesh-like technology (private network infrastructure with resiliency built-in and independent of the public internet) I suppose there could be some useful application in certain cases.

Try this mental exercise - imagine you have a HH handset on your desk, and next to it is a landline phone and a radio for the local repeater. If you want to call you ham friend and ask them a question, what is your go-to device? Probably the landline, because that has the best chance of reaching your friend on the first try wherever they are.

It can be fun to simply hit the speakerphone and dial up the BBC or listen to old-time radio shows, but that seems like a forced application, because I can accomplish the same thing with an internet connected computer...

Anyway, that's my 2 cents worth.

Ken, N2VIP

On May 13, 2022, at 05:49, Steven Lott Smith KG5VK ARRL NTX SM <lottsphoto@...> wrote:


The link you provided does not work.
I have heard of this VOIP Tool before
and I am thinking why do we need it?

Today we use this the email reflector to communicate with a group of people, direct emails to specific persons
and zoom and other conferencing tools

What does Ham Shack Online offer us that none of those other tools can?

Why do you feel so strongly that we MUST use it?

I for one do not look forward to adding another telephone back into my Ham Shack
what am I missing by not doing this?

How much benefit will it be when I am on the road at club meetings and/or hamfest?

While we are chatting....
What is new with the Boy Scouts?
When was the last time you saw a Boy Scout earn a ham radio license?
How do we garner more young amateur Radio OPS from the Scouts you meet?
I recall when we had HamCom, there were many Scouts in attendance, where did those prospective ham Radio OPS go?


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