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Thanks for the info.

So why does it work better than using the tools we now use.....
Email Reflector for Group discussion, and Zoom for video conferencing

IOW what are the pros and Cons?

I believe from looking at this tool set in the past the big minus was i had to get new hardware
and then have a Telephone in my ham shack
And then not everyone was using it, so I proceeded no further

Am I missing why this MUST have, tool set?

By the way I looked you up on QRZ
are you as close to those cross country power lines as it appears in the Satellite view of the Map near you?


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On Fri, May 13, 2022 at 6:20 AM Mike Barnett KF5DEY <kf5dey@...> wrote:
Steve, I will answer the Hamshack Hotline question.

It is a VOIP (Voice over IP) service run by hams, free for hams...that is more like an internal (office) phone system and is not part of the normal phone system.

Within HH there are some radio devices hooked up as well as some 'conference rooms' set up world wide.

It requires either a supported or compatible VOIP phone (SIP phone) for example a Cisco SPA504G...or a 'softphone' app on your device (phone/tablet).

Also if you already have a PBX, you can add it as part of your PBX...for example, I can call from my phone to my ALLSTAR node, and from there connect to external Allstar or Echolink nodes.

However usage in North TX is our club of 40 (Cowtown Amateur Radio Club), I am the only user.


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