Re: Hamshack Hotline



The link you provided does not work.
I have heard of this VOIP Tool before
and I am thinking why do we need it?

Today we use this the email reflector to communicate with a group of people, direct emails to specific persons
and zoom and other conferencing tools

What does Ham Shack Online offer us that none of those other tools can?

Why do you feel so strongly that we MUST use it?

I for one do not look forward to adding another telephone back into my Ham Shack
what am I missing by not doing this?

How much benefit will it be when I am on the road at club meetings and/or hamfest?

While we are chatting....
What is new with the Boy Scouts?
When was the last time you saw a Boy Scout earn a ham radio license?
How do we garner more young amateur Radio OPS from the Scouts you meet?
I recall when we had HamCom, there were many Scouts in attendance, where did those prospective ham Radio OPS go?


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