Hamshack Hotline

dale finley

Please go hamshackhotline.com to review and sign up for a hamshack hotline VOIP FREE extension.
Call me if you need help.
de kb5nft
de k5psr our club call
Conf node 344, user pin 244444 for our Philmont Scouting conference, 344.
Call me anytime on Extension 6100000760 or 6100000866 on Hamshackhotline.

BTW, We need to setup an ARRLNTX hamshackhotlike conf. I can help.
Dale Finley

Let me explain a bit:   HH = Hamshackhotline,   HHUS = the USA sip server,  HHUX = experimental for non-supported IP Unlocked phones
1) This VOIP voice and data across IP works, and is free
2) No Ports need to be open, so once you have a provioned phone, you can take it anywhere and just plug into a LAN router port, wait for it to boot and you are live.
3) This gives us the capability to usei it in an EOC, Shelter, at home, and even mobile without port opening issues.  However, there are some issues with Tmobile.
4)  a. HH direct ham to ham calls
     b. HH direct to Reflectors, like 94107 freeStar which is cross linked thru Allstar, DMR, etc. etc.   Push *99 for PUSH to TALK, Push # to Un-Push to Talk, world wide thru IP Bridges
     c. HH audio "one way audio feeds", such as CW Practice, BBC, etc.  Listen ONLY
     d. HH Many Conference Nodes, like my "Philmont Scouting"  number 344, the pin is 244444 and stay connected up to 6 hours.
     e. HH EOC conferences, Stormspotting, world wide
5)  More later... gotta run...

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