Tornado Response & Weather update - 4/8/22

Kevin McCoy

I wanted to give you an update on

  1. our March Tornado Response across Texas, and a bit about
  2. the weather this weekend and into next week.

Tornado Response

My unoffical summary from across Texas and our three efforts are:

Which shows how many Texans had their dwellings destroyed or major damage in this storm. Many more were minor or affected.

[Red Cross in Texas is divided into three regions
North Texas Region (NTX)
Central and South Texas Region (CSTR) and
Texas Gulf Coast Region (TGCR)]


Having completed Response and Recovery phases, these disaster relief efforts are transitioning now to long term recovery. 

Mobile Home on
Note the mobile home attop this building.  A good example of why we advise abandoning Mobile homes in Tornadoes.

Current Weather and Upcoming Threats:
  • Most of Texas is in a 🔥Fire Weather Watch Today, and those areas that are not may be in a Red Flag Warning.  So prevent where possible, and be ready for wildfire:
  • Significant 🌧️ weather forecast for next week - watch the TexLa Weather Update below to get a preview/forecast.
This weather could last for several days, so please remember to take a look at the Storm prediction center on Monday for an update, and keep in touch with your local NWS weather office.

In the video below Richard KE5MIM describes his recent presentation at the Hill Country Amateur Radio Club.  I had an equally good reception recently at the District 14 NE ARES meeting. 
Please watch today's TexLa Weather Update:
Please watch today's TexLa Weather Update to be aware of a multi-day severe weather threat coming early next week.
You can subscribe to Richard KE5MIM at


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