sticky Re: Mentor Fest 2019 was a great success !!!

John Hamilton KD5INM

THANK YOU to everyone who worked so hard to bring Mentorfest back and to the Mentors a big THANK YOU! It was a big success and I am looking forward to next years Mentorfest. Mentorfest is something that the NTX section can be proud of. It's a great acomplishment and a lot of hard work goes into it by Jay W5GM and Bill AC5BC as well as Mrs Johnny. I know the folks that attend Mentorfest appreciate it. I certainly do! I am keeping my eyes and ears open for more mentors. Terry and Kerri Paddack were at Cowtown hamfest and I attended their presentation and after I asked them if they would be interested in presenting at Mentorfest. Ken KD2KW passed their info along to Jay.  The idea is that if we see someone at a local hamfest presenting then they might be willing to come to Mentorfest as well. I am always looking mentors.


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