[NTX ARES] Winlink at Field Day - w/corrected link - Please disregard earlier post

Jay Urish via ARES <ares@...>

NTX Amateurs,

For several years now there has been an effort to include Winlink at Field Day. There are some points that can be earned (up to 300) using digital messaging. Even if your club plans do not include a Winlink station you can set one up and communicate with other across the US and even some off shore countries. This is a chance to exercise your Winlink equipment and increase your user experience. Remember Winlink Telnet is not allowed. All communications must be via RF into and out of the Field Day site.

If you are wanting to join in on this opportunity you can sign your club up or yourself at this url.


To get a view of all the sites that have signed up you can go to this url.


If you have any questions concerning this you can contact me at n5tim@....

73, John - N5TIM
NTX ASEC/Operations