[NTX ARES] Florence update from Red Cross 09-18-18

Jay Urish via ARES <ares@...>

Jeff, David, and Jerry - Florence Update from Red Cross

Here is a brief summary of our response to Florence, by the numbers:

By the numbers

  • 11,700 folks sought refuge in 114 Shelters mostly in North Carolina
  • 82,000 overnight stays since the Hurricane
  • 178,000 Meals and snacks
  • 7,000 Health and Mental Health visits
  • 3,100 Red Cross Volunteers
  • 140 Emergency Response Vehicles
  • 110 Trailers of Equipment and Supplies

We have never had very much penetration of getting folks to use weather radio, but it appears we are getting traction with the Red Cross Emergency App.  Since 9/11 4.5 million weather alerts have been sent through Red Cross Apps.  Mostly the Emergency app.

Working with Southern Baptists we are trying to bring up kitchens to the capacity of 170,000 meals per day.  Accessibility has been an issue.

Not since Harvey have we been having volunteers dropped off by Helicopter:

On their way to
      West Brunswick

More when I get time.

Kevin KF5FUZ