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Subject: Spring 2021 North Texas ARES SET is just two weeks away, May 8th

Good Day all ARES Members

 The Spring 2021 North Texas ARES SET is just two weeks away between 8am
and 3pm, May 8th. During the SET, there will be several opportunities
for participation.

    Local City or County Exercise at the discretion of the Emergency
Coordinator (EC). **NOTE: If there is no EC appointed for your county,
please refer to the activities plan that will be forward later in the
week for ways to participate.
    American Red Cross (ARC) National Exercise
    Military Auxiliary Radio Service (MARS) Armed Forces Day Crossband
Test (Armed Forces Day 2021 - DoD MARS).

The primary objectives for the NTX SET are:

    Provide communications support for the American Red Cross using
their preferred method of communication, Winlink.
    Participate in the Armed Forces Day Crossband Test – please visit
the website at Armed Forces Day 2021 - DoD MARS For more information.
(All AROs are invited to participate).
    Activate local ARES assets and establish communications nets.
    ECs to provide status reporting to District Emergency Coordinators
and the North Texas Section.

The ongoing Pandemic has impacted all of our lives and will continue to
be a consideration for the near future. Accordingly, all ARES Members
and Leadership are asked to follow current CDC guidelines and local
mandates. Please consider that members may not be comfortable gathering
in groups or with in-person interaction. Local SET plans/activities will
need to take these factors into account. SAFETY is and should always be
our number one factor in any planning or activity.

The final activities plan will be promulgated later this week to all
ECs/DECs for distribution. And a copy will be made available on our and websites.

If you have any questions or comments, please let me know. 


Greg Evans, K5GTX
North Texas ARES
Section Emergency Coordinator

Email: sec@...

Greg Evans  ARRL NTX SEC
815 Wind Elm Dr.
Allen, TX 75002