[NTX ARES] Weekend update on Hurricane Response

Jay Urish via ARES <ares@...>

Weekend update on Hurricane Response:

As the ability to access areas impacted by Hurricane Michael grows we have been able to move Red Cross volunteers from staging areas into impacted areas to provide feeding, sheltering, and health services.

At this stage of the response and with power, transportation, and communications challenges, reconnecting families is an ongoing issue.

As of yesterday we had 1000 Red Cross disaster responders deployed in Florida, Georgia, and Alabama. In conjunction with partners Red Cross is ramping meal production capability, but have been providing snacks and ready to eat meals in the mean time. (around 30,000 so far).

Open Shelter
        To Find Open Shelters: http://fw.to/ejaCDDW

While we work with others to try and meet basic needs – this shelter map shows that we are still very active responding to Florence, and that effort was not aided by the exit of Hurricane Michael through the Carolina's

On Hurricane Florence ongoing response we are now up to:

         124,600 overnight stays (90% provided by Red Cross)
        1.5 Million Meals and snacks

        312,799 disaster emergency supplies (rakes, shovels, etc.)

As you hurricane veterans know, recovery from this much damage will take a long time, and consistent effort. It will also take the cooperative effort of Communities, Government, Charitable organizations, and businesses to restore these communities to a new normal. For Hurricane Michael we are very early in that process.

I was pleased to see the Emergency App heavily used again in Hurricane Michael. 4.8 Million NWS weather alerts delivered plus shelter location, I'm Safe, and Family safe functions working nicely in spite of communications challenges.  Data will sometimes work when voice is impossible.


Kevin KF5FUZ
American Red Cross Serving Central and Southwest Texas Region