[NTX ARES] HUR Florence Update - 10-07-18

Jay Urish via ARES <ares@...>

As we look to Tropical Storm MICHAEL moving towards the gulf, it motivates me to update you on the ongoing operation in the Carolinas. The current track of TS Michael takes it through our current operations area, and our work is far from over.

Last shelter counts I have are are that 1,520 folks are still in shelters, the bulk of them in North Carolina. The good news is that rivers have crested, but another storm moving through with rain is not what we needed. We shall see.

By the numbers so far:

  • 114,700 overnight shelter stays - 92% in Red Cross Shelters

  • 3500 Red Cross Disaster workers

  • 922k meals and snacks served

  • 10 Kitchens, many in cooperation with Baptist Men

  • 70 Mobile Feeding Trucks

  • 29,100 Health and Mental Health appointments

  • 138k Disaster Emergency supplies


Kevin KF5FUZ
IT/DST American Red Cross Serving Central and South Texas Region.