Re: [NTX ARES] October 2018 NTX ARES Information Net

Jay Urish via ARES <ares@...>

Hey Bob, If u want to activate N5F and the logging thing is keeping you from going QRV, go ahead and use a paper log and I’ll pick up the log and key the QSO data into an electronic logging program.


All I ask is that keep it under 150 QSOs total and try and use the same frequency on each band if possible, but as we know, QRM, etc often forces a few KC move.


I will be gone Wed, so will not be able to check into the NTX ARES net.


But I got u covered on the logging.


Station wrkd


Time UTC




I try to use 18.164, 14.266,, 7.266. or 3.866, but anywhere in the General spectrum is fine.





From: Robt Jones via ARES
Sent: Monday, October 8, 2018 10:21 AM
To: ares@...
Cc: Robt Jones
Subject: [NTX ARES] October 2018 NTX ARES Information Net


Hi All,
This coming Wednesday night, October 10, 2018 will be the monthly NTX ARES Information Net.The net will be on 3860 at 2030 hours. Please bring any items you would like to share/discuss with other net participants.

Thank you and 73,
Bob, W5BJ


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